Monday, December 2, 2013

Going on but no sewing

We had Grandkids off and on the last couple days. The two older ones had to go back to their Mom's and that set a mood that is hard to deal with. I just wish changes could happen where they are happier.

The next few days are going to be busy for my son. Court three times in a little over a week. Finally things are progressing over the baby and her paternity. I haven't said a whole lot, but her Mother is in prison. She claimed my son was the Father. DNA testing was ordered by the court and he has guardianship over the baby. Tests are tomorrow and that will take time to get results.

The State dropped the ball over this child and the Attorney General's office of our state is involved. If she is not my son's child he will get permanent guardianship to keep her out of the system. He has had her for 5 months and really hard to let her go to be lost in the fostering system.

So as you can see from my whining about court and custody my stress level is overwhelming at times. We were foster parents for a couple years and we know things for children are not in their best interest of their well being. We as responsible adults need to protect all the little lost souls that are ripped out of a normal life that we grew up with.

I plan on a little cleaning today and bill paying the hopefully  the last block of the disappearing 9 patch blocks. Then I can put this mess away. I need border fabric for it. We are talking about going to a year end sale after the 10th. So measurements need to be taken. Hope you can wrap presents set up trees or just sew today. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I understand your frustrations over the grandkids - I have been there. You're doing a great job of being there for them and being their stability. Every kid needs a place where they feel completely safe and stable - I think you and your husband provide that.
No quilting going on here right now - working on Christmas presents.