Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting closer to a completed top, but still a long ways off

Yesterday in the morning I completed a block I had started. So last night I got the elements put and started another applique block. Here is my slow progress. I should have had more done, but I wasn't feeling the greatest so it is what it is.  

This is the completed block from earlier in the day. Well it needs a center circle and I still haven't decided on the color or the size for this last little part. There are 15 of these blocks when all complete so I will make 15 circles all at one time.

This is a close up of the detail. I try and get all my stitching small enough and buried well enough to the edge of the appliqued shape. After it is washed and pressed I'm pretty sure it will just disappear. You can see a faint press line in the corner of this picture. I press the corner to corner diagonals of the base block for my placement of these elements on the base of this block. That way they are evenly spaces and it is more accurate that eyeballing it. When I wash this block I will place it down on a terry towel face down and press it from behind to get the wrinkles out. I bought this fabric that I used for the base on  clearance rack and my Mother said this is ugly fabric. It was expensive when regular price. It is a tea dyed and wrinkled looking fabric. I think Moda. I got the last of the bolt which was 50 % off regular price and then an addition 25% because it was the end of the bolt. I bought all they had.   

I told you I had a pieced block that alternated with the appliqued block. Well here they are. The same base fabric with the pieced 9 patches and yet I didn't plan right. The pieced block is about 1/2 inch smaller than the appliqued blocks
on all sides so I will have to sash each pieced block with one of the fabrics to make this come put right. I can't cut the applique blocks because they are to close to the edge of the blocks as it is. Just one more hurdle to overcome, but isn't that what we do. We find a solution to problems and sometimes the mistakes make a whole new look to the quilt.

Hopefully if you went shopping yesterday you got all your good buys. Maybe you will find sometime to sew today. Chris


Katie M. said...

this is going to be a stunning quilt! I like the patchwork block with the applique - very nice.

Julierose said...

I also really like the alternating blocks--this will be so pretty when done...I do like your colors, too...hugs, Julierose