Saturday, November 23, 2013


More stitching going on. The small 4 patches are turned to go the right direction and stitched together in 2's.

This is my sample block and I'm glad I had it available because I had one strip of the 4 patch turned the wrong way. Referencing the sample saved a lot of ripping that was just turned wrong.

So now I'm stitching more of these larger 4 patch blocks, but I try to lay them out so no repeats on square that join or turning the small 4 patches wrong when stitching.

Stitching begins and now it goes fast. Then you have a larger block to add to your big layout for your top.

I added a few more blocks this morning and still trying to decide how many more to make. Since this picture I made one more with the small patches so I have 15 of these complete. This is an extra long twin bed. Plan on I think 3 more larger blocks if I use borders, but more if not using borders. Plan on this one for the couch. My husband is over 6ft. tall so I need something to extend long enough.
Stopping to do more laundry and think about how much farther I'm going to go with this top. I have plenty of 2.5 squares cut to make it bigger. May need to cut some blue squares to add to the mix. Definitely a utility quilt, but colorful also. Chris


beebee said...

I love scrappy quilts and this one is going to be really pretty.
I like the idea of doing a disappearing 9 patch with small squares.
I enjoyed reading through your blog
I hope you visit mine!

Cheryl Furr said...

LOVE, love, LOVE it. I am the kind of quilter who is dumbstruck seeing all the colors of fabric in a quilt store, so I am equally bug eyed seeing this spectacular quilt! It is soooooo pretty! I have only gotten this far in your blog, and I hope you have shared the pattern somewhere on the blog. Congratulations on lovely choice of color and layout. Cheryl Furr,