Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Went on a mission

Yes this is one of my piles. I wish it was the only one. Sorted and put away this stuff this morning. Tired of the chaos.

 Guess what I found? The applique things I couldn't locate last night. Now it's all together. I remember back in May we moved things in there and I stacked this onto a pile that has been moved several times. I have a big box store grocery bag started with trash hanging on the door knob almost full. I plan on the next thing which is unbury the ironing board and taking it down. I have a board I use most of the time.
While I was sorting and pitching I realized I need to do maintenance on the PC. So I cleaned it up and Defragged while I was doing something else. So killed two birds with one stone. I now need to work my way around the outside walls so I can then get to the dreaded closet. Not a good housekeeper and never will be. Chris

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