Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What am I up to today?

Well here are my supplies and tools. I know a baking dish, stapler, and flashlight???????

This is a flat LED flashlight. They are available online and in big box stores or you could use a blank screen from an old cellphone you no longer use as long as it is charged.

The baking dish is turned upside down over the light. Yes it is a red neck way to make your own light box. I made a scanned copy of the templates from the pattern and placed it on the baking dish. See how well this works. I use to use the window and tape projects up, but it is hard on the shoulders and the ink runs away from the point.

I traced one of this piece with a permanent marker so when wet with glue or soaking it will not run onto the fabric. Even pencil will bleed through sometimes. So permanent marker only. I used a medium Sharpie so you could see. Normally a fine line is perfect.

If you look close this piece is not a reversible one. In other words it is symmetrical. Either side is the same. Many shapes are not that way and you would have to cut just one at a time. I folded the freezer paper four ways so when cut it makes four matching shapes. This is enough for this block of this particular template. Make marks on the template for overlapping pieces for reference when the next layer is placed on these shapes.

I use a longer armed stapler to secure the four layer together. By any points or curves that are crucial to the shape add a staple. This way they don't shift when cutting. Tip: I only cut four layers at once. I feel you have a better grip on this amount than more.

Yes these are barber shears, but they are sharp and the longer blade for controlling the cut. You get less jagged edges if you move the paper rather than the scissors. Dressmaking tip. Don't use your good shears for this because it is paper and staples are involved. I trim just to or inside the line depending on how fat the drawn line is. Make this as accurate as possible. 

The waste edges you cut off can be folded for more shapes. No more than four layers remember.

In less than 10 minutes of collecting all the supplies and tracing I have all the shapes cut for one block. You can store them all in plastic bags until you use them or start pressing them onto you fabric to get ready to use your glue method of choice. I think I will keep drawing until I get all the shapes for the quilt top cut because I hate not having this prepared. Hopefully my redneck light box will give you ideas. You don't have to use a baking dish. A picture frame with glass in it will work or a plastic storage container. Just something that is firm and that will let the light through.  

This is called "Country Whig Rose" by Kim Diehl. There are so many patterns out there and just because they used country colors doesn't mean you can't use brights or jewel tones for this pattern or others. If you like the design put your twist on the colors. Chris


Katie M. said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That is a really great idea!!