Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Started to get it together

Well last night was the night. Three of the TV shows we like to watch were on so I thought why not hand work night. This is the picture I told you I would take for making the centers for the flowers. It is an oval shape and this is how I make them. I cut out the shape with a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance on the outside edge. I then thread a needle and make a running stitch just under the seam allowance. So that the thread will not show. So less than the scant 1/4 inch. Knotted at one end and a pull tail I can draw it up with.

I have the actual shape cut out in Templar plastic that is heat treated and I can use the iron with it and not melt it. I center it in the  center of the shape so the running stitch is visible on all sides.

I take the tail of the thread and draw it up so it pulls the seam allowance around the Templar plastic shape. It might draw the ends up slightly, but push it down. Then spray it with spray starch or sizing. I use the liquid that I dilute and spray it. I then place a hot dry iron over the top and press until dry. Then I can pull out the  Templar template and re snug up the thread until it is the perfect oval shape. This way you can layer the pieces with out the freezer paper behind it and have less fiddling to get the freezer paper out after it is appliqued in place.  

 I had to find another piece of similar fabric because I used up the remainder of the piece I had on something else. I think this will do. For maybe three of the 15 blocks. Close, but who will come after me if I use it????
Well I thought three shows on TV. Good time to hand sew. I would like to get some of this done and get the tops ready to quilt. I am making a pieced block to alternate with this appliqued block.
Which by the way is a flower from a Kim Diehl pattern and I'm
putting my own twist on it. Using two pattern ideas in one quilt. I started stitching and all of a sudden Frosty the Snowman came on. Well the show I wanted to watch wasn't on in the time slot. So I found another one that I normally have to watch on the internet because two of them we watch are on different stations at the same time this year.

I got quite  a bit stitched in between the action. I have 6 more to finish in this series. I emailed Teresa Rawson the other day from and we discussed the size of the background blocks for applique. This is the recommended size for this applique block and I feel it crowds the blocks. Not much wiggle room around the applique for quilting. So after this I think if I'm going to applique I will make my base blocks larger and  create my own sizes for the quilting I want to do later. After all I am the one paying for the fabric and if I want to use more I will.

I know today will be busy for many of you getting  ready for tomorrow. Hope all of you have a Great and safe Thanksgiving. Chris


Julierose said...

I also wonder about background block sizing for applique )I am new toit and am afraid I won't have enough "wiggle room" --don't want to cut off anything. I love your template idea..thanks, Julierose

Katie M. said...

I believe I also have that Kim Diehl book, the block looked familiar...
On the very rare occasion that I actually do applique, I will cut my 'base' block larger then trim. I do the same with my machine embroidered pieces that I incorporate into a quilt block. Thank you for sharing how you prepare your pieces for applique. You do such pretty work.