Monday, November 18, 2013

What a day

Yesterday we sat and watched the horrible wind, rain, and hail we had. We were fortunate. About 75 miles south of us is Washington, Illinois where the worst of the Illinois storms hit. It is a nice little town outside of Peoria, Illinois. Hopefully they can pull their lives together soon.

We got up about the normal time and mid morning decided to clean and rearrange the living room. We haven't moved furniture in about a year. Well we have moved it to clean behind, but not moved it to different locations. We have a fireplace, 4 doors and a hallway and kitchen entrance and a picture window and one of the doors is a French door to work around. Not a lot of normal seating is done because I have a huge table, 6 chairs and a Curio cabinet on the other side of the room. Yes lots of obstacles, but it is home. I need to paint and I keep putting it off because of all the furniture.

Went to the store, fixed supper, did dishes and here I sit. No still don't have the next step in my prep work done for hand work. I know I was doing so good and now side stepped my progress. Chris  


Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Sometimes life gets in the way - sounds like you were productive in other ways!

Glad you are safe - those storms really scared me to death. Nothing here but a lot of wind and rain, thank goodness, but they did shut down airports for a while. Glad that is past us...I will gladly take snow over tornadoes!!!

Katie M. said...

So sad the devastation left after a tornado. My son was in MO on a deer hunt and if I'd remembered that, I would have been a basket case. He called yesterday to tell me they just had lots of wind but he still got his deer :-)