Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Here I am and not prepared

Tonight is my night to watch several programs on TV. And I don't have any hand work ready. This is one of the projects and it got put away.

 I use the freezer paper applique and glue stick method. But I have them all stitched up and need to make 4 more blocks.  

As you can see I have alternate blocks stitched and just need to get the applique done.

This pattern is a Kim Diehl pattern and I am making it my way. Gee that sounds like a song. LOL I have about 2 hours before the shows start maybe I can get in there and make some more leaves and flower parts. Chris

I went into look for the parts and pieces and imagine this I found the fabric, the pattern and the finished blocks. I thought I had more of the pieces prepared and the block bases cut and ready. Guess  I need to do some more cleaning. Guess I just sit and watch TV. Chris 

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