Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crazy sewing but still nothing finished

Part of this is the product of cutting for two days. I cut all these 2.5 inch squares and started sewing randomly into 9 patches. As long as the colors are not the same in a block it doesn't matter. 

Because as you can see they are cut apart. Half in the middle both ways. Then it looks totally different. Yes this is the start of the disappearing 9 patch.

Here are 4 quarter squares sewn back together flipped and twisted so they don't look like 9 patches. It looks more like a small pieced 4 patch.

Here are 4 of the disappearing 9 patches sewn into about an 18 inch block. They will now cover a larger area quicker. Not sure how I am going to set these. Maybe just as a total top, but then maybe with sashing or on point. I think it will be a twin size because I think you can get overwhelmed with all the business. But what a way to use up small pieces. 

Here I turned the one bock on point just for a look see.

This is laid on a twin bed and we will see how far this one goes. Lots more cut pieces to see the potential for more blocks. Chris


Hettie Pringle said...

Gee whiz you do keep going!!

Julierose said...

WOW--I really love your disappearing 9-patch quilt; great choice of fabrics....I hopped on over from Teresa's blog...hugs, Julierose