Sunday, November 3, 2013


One half of the center of this quilt is quilted now. This is what the quilting looks like. I had many thoughts of how to do this and a couple failed so I opted to do straight line quilting without marking to get this one done.

I'm sure it will be sturdy and have some texture after it is washed. The kids like that feel of texture when they use a quilt.  

This is the second half in the process of getting the stitching in the ditch done. More than likely it will take me a couple days to complete then onto the borders. I plan on a three colored border and not sure if I have enough of white or white on white to do what I want so maybe need to go shopping. Wouldn't that be ashamed. Chris

1 comment:

Katie M. said...

This quilt is coming together nicely. I like the straight line quilting...
Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt.