Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Haven't done this for awhile. Tip for baking today

 The holiday season is fast approaching. We need to make use of grocery sales at this time of year. When butter is on sale buy lots. Take advantage by taking it out of the cardboard containers and placing the 1/4 pound sticks in a zip freezer bag and freeze. It freezes well for up to 6-9 months and it will not take on fridge smells when out of the box.

Freeze pecans and walnuts also. They will last a lot longer before going rancid. Make sure you buy new baking powder. Hate it when nothing rises when old baking powder is used.

If you have to separate eggs the part you don't use can be frozen for later use. Thaw them out to room temp and use as you recipe suggests.

Buy flour when on sale. Place in a freezer bag and freeze it up to a year. In doing this it kills off any creepies from getting in your flour bag. Thaw to room temp before using and sift the flour to add volume.
Take advantage of these little tips and your baking experience will be more pleasant. Chris   

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