Thursday, November 7, 2013

Moving in the right direction

Finally this counter is clean. This I did yesterday and it looks really good compared to what it was.

Today I got up early and made quite a bit of progress. The dresser is now full of quilts in the works and all the sections a fabrics that belong with the finishing process.  As you can see the left of the dresser is another mess which will be addressed yet today.

This is the next major job. Then the closet which maybe will wait until the weekend. I did find in this mess two larger pieces for backs that I forgot I had. Also some mending that is next on my list to do. The fabric that is in the picture with peach colored roses is curtains that are lined that I need to remake for café curtains for my sewing room. It is a west window and a lot of wind during the Winter hits that side of the house.
It feels good to maybe have some direction again. Hopefully it will last as long as I can finish things and contain the chaos in this room. Off to make more progress. Hope your day is productive. Chris 

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Katie M. said...

You have a nice space there, Chris. I always find something I'd forgot I had when I 'reorganize'...