Thursday, November 14, 2013

Up since 3:30am

Decided it was quiet so I got bobbins wound and got the two top edges pinned and sewn together. Lots of bulk but it is only for a small amount of sewing and quilting. Doing it in sections is less strain on your shoulders and arms.

 At least the bulk is to the left of the arm of the machine. It was still a hand full but more manageable.
Now I need to set up the big ironing board and press the seam to the side and get the back and batting trimmed and stitched. So it is going closer to getting done.

This is what it looks like and what I have to trim back. The process is involved but when you have a domestic machine makes it easier not to wrestle that much bulk when it is sewn together. Today I need to do some running and get to the store so I'm off to get things done. Chris   

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Katie M. said...

it's all really coming together nicely..