Monday, November 11, 2013

Food for thought

This last Winter we went without electricity for 19 hours. It wasn't a fun day. Thank goodness we have a wood burning fireplace so we stayed somewhat comfortable. The reason I bring this up is I wasn't prepared to sit and do something by hand. This quilt is all hand pieced and quilted. But the borders need applique and then added. So why wasn't it ready to be stitched? Lack of planning. I think over the next month I need to get things out do all the prep work and have them ready to grab when an appointment or a bad time is upon us.

This is another project that was done by hand during a snow storm. It is complete and a table topper. Why can't I get them done???

The main part of this top is complete, but these borders need more work. Not to self get them done.
I really think this is a disease. My Mother is the same way. She has almost 24 tops made and not quilted. I think I have 17 in different stages of being done. What is wrong with us? Live and learn to be more focused. Chris


Rebecca said...

Sometimes (not always but sometimes) the journey is not a finished quilt but a wonder and a working with technique and color and line and you just want to see what happens as you do it.
Thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You get more done than you give yourself credit for, my dear. =)