Friday, November 22, 2013

Some sewing

We have had a slump here. Gray weather and having to stay inside has hit us both.
This is what I started with 2.5 inch square I cut up from scraps.

I pieced them into 9 patches. They were random. As long as they weren't the same print they got sewn together.

As you can see they get cut twice from the 9 patches you have sewn. Also they get stitched back together. I try and lay one block out to make sure I have the section laying in the order for stitching back together. So the more blocks in the 9 patch the more variety you have to sew back together.

 So here is one layout to be sewn back together. See the placement of the smallest pieces. This is the correct order to be sewn back together. Stitch and press seams opposing seams are easier to align up. 
I have some leftover from this sewing session to use when I go back to make a few more.

This is the basic 4 patch. You can see the layout in case you want to start sewing. Big thing is make a sample so you can refer to it. I have gotten ahead of myself and had to stop and rip out. Then four of these 4 patch blocks are sewn together. Maybe I will get a couple of those sewn together later today. I will share when they are done. Chris

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