Monday, November 25, 2013

Like paper dolls

Remember the day when you got a new book with paper dolls in it and you couldn't wait to start cutting them out...  Well that is what I thought of when I got these applique shapes all pressed down on the fabric.

Last night while watching Netflix we were sitting here idol so I got the table out and started working on cutting and gluing shapes from an already started project. I want to get something done here soon so I thought I have only 7 more appliqued blocks to finish. I cut out more of the freezer paper shapes last week. Last night I did a batch and this morning I have the second batch ready to glue. I need to make more leaves and also center ovals. Then I do not like the size of the center circle that came with the pattern. So I need to make 15 circles for the centers in a size I like better. The pattern to me didn't look balanced. But that will make it my own because I made it to my tastes.  

 Here are the rough cuts after it cooled. This will finish out the balance of pieces to complete the blocks. As I said I want to get something done. This year seems to be a bust to me because I had such a slump in my efforts. I guess we all get that way sometimes. This part of it I can sit with my husband and watch TV. I can sew at the machine at other times.
Trimming is done now and all the seams are clipped where necessary to glue. I prefer to place the freezer paper on the back of the fabric. I feel I have better control of the edges and their smoothness. Other's place it on top. I know we all have a different method of making these and what ever works for you is the method you should use.
Later on today I will get the leaves and centers made. I do another method for the centers. They are oval shape and I stitch a running stitch around the outside edge and use a Templar template and the iron and spray starch method to make more perfect edges. I will show you the process when I get to it.
Need to start on some cleaning today. Even though it will just be my Mom I feel like I need to get a layer of dust up. She is 85 and keeps her house cleaner than what I do. The only excuse I have is I have more tracking in and out at my house. Not much of and excuse but I like to sew and do hand work. Sun is trying to come up but we can see a dusting of snow this morning. I think Winter has arrived. Chris 

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