Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tried to do some sorting .....What a mistake

In my extra bedroom I have a huge book shelf full of quilting magazines and books. Some of the magazines are from the late 90's.  My Mother moved them back here from AZ and had 19 boxes of magazines. I have so many on the shelves the bottom shelf was bulging and had to have a piece of wood placed under to keep it from cracking. I am going to take out pictures and instructions of things I want to keep. This first picture came to mind to make.

This picture was in another magazine. Should I look in any more of them. I haven't for sure cut them out so I really need to go through more of them and make a decision. If I find a quilt in almost everyone I look in I'm in real trouble then. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I can relate... I started going through my 'old' magazines a while back and decided to just box them up and store them for the time being. Lately I've been thinking about pulling them and taking only what I'm sure I 'might' be tempted to make. I'm thinking of putting them in a 3 ring binder with an additional piece of paper with any notes I might want to add - such as the magazine & issue date...
Good luck.