Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not much to report

I guess I was busy but not sewing. Did three loads of laundry. Cleaned out the old ice from ice maker.

I did do one thing. Last Wed. we went to Menard's and I splurged. I bought a new shower liner. The one I had up there was still ok, but it was 10 years old. I think I got my money out of that one. The old one we will use for a paint cloth.

Foggy again tonight with less than 1/4 mile visibility. But then the temp is to fall sharply. Did someone say it was the 3rd of December! It must be time to get colder but I don't want it.

Tonight three TV shows we watch. Going to go get my portable table and do some hand work. Can't waste anymore time today on chores and boredom. Yes I found myself sitting with my hands in my lap.

My son went for DNA testing today and then to court. Judge was really upset with the State that they dropped the ball again. So results won't be for 3 more months. I have no faith in the child protection agencies involved. The blessing is she is in a secure and loving home and is growing. She got a new tooth yesterday. Chris

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