Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm worse than the little kids

The last few mornings I'm up early and yet I have no where I have to be. I guess the anticipation of the next few days has got me wound up. We are have two of the kids here today because they have to take Bryson to the airport the morning after Christmas. In the mean time he needs to go to his other Grandma's to have his Christmas there.

Today is going to be simple around here. Ham sandwiches and beans and chips. I don't do baking anymore because I would just eat it. On Sunday I need to get more cooking done. We will have 12 here. Still not sure what the menu will be that day.

I guess as I get older the good old routine suits me just fine.  need to get back to going through things and  getting rid of stuff. I started on the magazines and never got back to them. I think I need a goal list in big print sitting by may chair every morning to be marked off everyday.

Another couple months we need to be thinking about garden plants and the starting of seeds will take place again. This year hope to have a better handle on some of the yard work. We are not doing any one else's yards. Just our own. At our age it became to much. We want to make changes in ours and we never had the energy to do it.

I sure hope everyone has a special time with Family and Friends and you enjoy time with them.

I know some are having rough times right now and you  think things will never turn around. Hang in there. We have all had hard times. Please remember the Families of our Service men and women. They are in harms way. We need to remember our blessings and be kind in the New Year. Merry Christmas to all of you. Chris    

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