Monday, March 7, 2016

Got some stitching done

Remember I stitched all of these 4-patches yesterday. They are 2 inch squares sewn together into 4-patches. Random colors and if it didn't match I sewed it together. 

So this is the challenge I made last night to make some  more of these 4-patch Court House Step blocks. The twist or the two twists are 4-patches for the center and the other is the saturated colors instead of the neutrals on one side. 

The strips for the steps re 1.5 inch strips. I choose two colors I like in the 4-patches and find fabric to make the steps with. 

The beauty of making this block is I already have the stuff cut. When I cut fabric I cut the 1.5 inch strips and the 2 inch squares. Along with 2.5 inch squares and strips. So if I have a piece of fabric in  my hands it is cut to make all of these sizes and they are ready when the mood strikes me.

I do not like prep work for one project at a time. I figure if I am devoting the time I should do multiple tasks at one time. Multi tasking has been something I try and keep myself active with the mind getting older it doesn't hurt to jump start the brain waves.

The wallpapering is done so now to replace all the things that had to be moved. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

looks like a fun project to me.coming along good