Friday, March 18, 2016

Little more done

I did some more stitching, but more to do. I now have 30- 6.5 inch squares of these blocks. I still have I think enough for about 35 blocks total. Each block has 40 pieces in them. So far that is 1200 pieces for the 30 blocks. Another 5 blocks will be 200 more. Lots of pieces. 

It is a beautiful day out. Cool, but the trees afre starting to open up. 

This is a Maple tree in my backyard. See the buds that are opening up. 

This is a Peony Tree in the front yard. The stem got chewed off, but the little red sides are the shoots coming up again. We have tons of rabbits and squirrels around our yard year round. So not sure which to blame, but it survived. 

This has been the type of clouds we have had off and on all day. Spring is around the corner and it can come and stay in my estimation it isn't to soon for me. Chris

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