Saturday, March 5, 2016


Yes I need help. I am not getting what to do with this basin of fabric. My Mother collected this fabric over a five year span and she didn't know what she was going to do with them either. She would buy one or two every time we went to the fabric shops. Lots of fat quarters and some half yard pieces. Some have designs some are just marbled Batiks. 

Many are very bright in color and others are more subdued. I got it out this morning and talked to my husband if he had any ideas. He sometimes comes up with a good clue to what it looks like to him. He said get rid of it. Batiks are expensive and so the idea of getting rid of it isn't in the cards to me anyway. 

Some of it can be cut and added into my scrap sewing, Which is that giving it justice or not? Some of it just needs to be sewn with the other Batiks. 

I thought of a kaleidoscope pattern and add some solids to work in with it. He didn't like that idea. So it got put back into the wash basin she had it stored in and set back in the pile of not sure for the minute. 

I woke up this morning nor feeling well so I think it is going to be a slow day. Maybe I can do some more cutting. I thought about going to the thrift shop and see if I could find some more Summer clothing to fit my growing granddaughters. They grow so fast and they love to play outside so new clothing isn't wise to purchase for playing in the dirt with. I think they are going to be tomboys. 

Nothing wrong with tomboys they say they make the best Mothers. 

If you have any suggestions on using this pile of batiks let me know. Chris


Granny Anne Brown said...

I have making a leaf quilt with my bright colors. This pattern is not fast sewing but is fun to blend in colors.
I would show you a picture but it won't let me.

suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

How about making those cute little pillowcase dresses/ tops for the granddaughters? Nice summery colors for sure.

sewyouquilt2 said...

batik dresdans for a batik quilt...... are there any pieces large enough to make some batik pillowcases for the girls? maybe with matching dolls?

Carol said...

I saw a friendship star quilt made with bright colors that might be an option for you or a prism quilt using 2 strips and triangles cut from them to make them 2 tone might be another...good luck...