Monday, March 21, 2016


Today is going to be different. I woke up usual time. Don't feel bad, but just an uneasy feel already today.

No weather coming that I am aware of and not unpaid bills hanging over my head. Just a normal day. Funny how we can almost predict something is going to happen.

I guess I stay at home and don't do anything foolish today.

I sat last night watching TV and did some cutting. I have 2.5 inch strips cut and I decided to add to the logs I need for the Lozenge/suppository blocks I have started. I figure it will be a long term quilt. As I cut more strips I will cut out more of them and get them stitched.

Yesterday went to Joann's I wasn't really looking for anything. I had a balance on a gift card from Christmas and decided I needed to see if anything struck me. I did buy a small cutting mat. The one I have at the sewing machine is so worn out and good cuts weren't happening anymore.

I was disappointed at the fabric. They were virtually out. They had walls and shelving units full of prints. Well they must be clearing out to get more in because there was shelving units empty. So I bought two yards of black prints. I will cut them up today.

So off here to do my house chores and get ready for the day. Chris

UPDATE: Figured it out after looking at the calender. Tomorrow the 22nd it will be 6 months since my Mother passed away. I guess I sensed the day was coming. I will live through it. Chris


Julierose said...

Hi Chris--those days sneak up on us, don't they? My Mom passed away on June 5th --9 months ago--and counting--but I still feel sad..I hope that your sewing can help to take your mind away for a bit and be a consolation...
Be very nice to yourself....hugs Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

My Mom passed in 1989 and even though it is easier now, it still hurts around that time or her birthday or Christmas her very favorite time of year. I feel her with me at times and that is comforting to know on some other level she is still with me.sending you some hugs