Saturday, March 12, 2016

More little pieces

I laid these out on my new flooring in the kitchen. We got the kitchen laid and the laundry room maybe today. These are just the ones that are sewn into the 6.25 inch blocks. 

I have more to make yet. I also have more strips cut to make into more of the mini blocks. I need to cut the neutrals to make the 16-patch blocks. As I said before I had them why not use them up.

This is going to be a utility quilt, but some one will like it to cover up with. I have several pieces that are going to be big enough for the back on this one. So I have no excuse not to finish it. Right???!!!!

I think we are going to go to the hardware store today and purchase a lawn roller to pull behind the lawnmower. Our yard use to be a corn field and it is rough and bumpy. Maybe while it is soft we can get some of the roughness pressed out of it.

We have wanted one for a long time, but never had the money to get it. Not that I have the money now, but at least we can work it into the budget, but there goes the fabric money. LOL

No it isn't that bad, but it would make a smoother yard.

Looking out my sewing room window I am looking at the Maple tree in the front yard. The buds are starting to open up. I am so ready for it to be warmer and nice out. It is real gray today because we have some rain coming in this afternoon.

Plan on sewing and trying to make a decent meal for supper today. I saw a Honey Chicken Stir fried meal on Yummly. If you haven't found that site your are missing out. It has a calculator to add or subtract ingredients for the number of servings you want with the recipe you picked out. From 2-100's it is really helpful. Take a moment and look it up and save your recipes for future use. I use it a lot when I have lots coming and it helps make a better amount.

Stay safe today with all the bad storms starting. Chris

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