Thursday, March 31, 2016

The day has come

This picture is dark, but I feel dark also. The day has come I have to clean this room completely out.

Yes you heard me. We are putting new flooring in. So I also am going to get the trim for the window while everything is out of the room.

Yes purging and organization will happen also. I have some of the fabric in tubs. So that will move quickly. The major stumbling block will be the closet. Mostly batting and unfinished projects. 

The other major things will be the desk and a dresser. I think when it goes back into the room after the rest is finished the desk is going in a different space. Measurements will have to be taken. 

I am getting the same flooring we put in the kitchen. It is a plank vinyl. It will be easier for the desk chair and also much easier to clean. The old carpet is just shot.

I think I have a little over a week to get rid of the old stuff and get everything moved. So by the weekend I hope to have the majority of the tubs moved and also started on the closet. Not a lot of sewing will be going on. 

As I go through this I hope to reconnect with some of my hand work to have to-go work organized again. I missed not having that the other night going to the Hospital with my DIL. 

She is doing better. It is like any other surgery it takes longer than you think to recover. 

Plan on having a good day. Hopefully it is. Chris  

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Cleaning out the closet will help you organize everything. Hidden spaces can store a lot of forgotten items.