Thursday, March 3, 2016

What to do,I stitched

What to do today. The wallpapering is still going on and I wanted to sew some. Later I will be cleaning. I grabbed a tub that has been cut for a long time. It is 1.5 inch strips. Some are ugly some are neutral so I started cutting and placing everything in a container. 

I cut the logs 3 in. X 1.5 in. pieces. I also had some small pieces. Out of them I cut 1.5 in. X 1.5 in. pieces. I sat down and stitched all that I could pair up. Then pressed everything. 

I stitched up the mini squares. and pressed them. 

The stitched logs were then ready to be cut in half. 

These become 2-patches 1.5 inches in width. 

Here is the 1.5 inch squares sewn together and pressed. The little pieces will go with the neutrals and make utility quilts. With little kids utility quilts get washed and drug all over the house so many can be made to distribute to seven families. 

So the logs that were cut and stitched back together. After pressed they become a 2.5 inch block. Lots of small pieces, but using up stuff that is sitting around. 

Did you know scraps breed in the  baskets, bags and tubs? I do and it drives me nuts that there are so many. 

We got a little bit of snow and I need to go out and clean the drive way off. We have a freezing mist coming our way which won't be good. So if I get the snow off it won't be crusty. If get it to that point it is suppose to be warmer later today. Chris


Sally: Starflash Quilts said...

I think my scraps are breeding too. I delved into my 2" strips today, there were more than I thought!

sewyouquilt2 said...

yeah I have scraps and I dont even remember where they came from already LOL
I think they brought friends over to camp out at my house! LOL