Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This is the quilt I have been quilting on forever. I have tried off and on to work on it and I get tired or loose interest. This is one I started on when Mom was here before she passed away. It is a 9-patch with a wonky star block. My Grandson wants it for his bed. I need to get motivated and get it done. 

I worked on it twice yesterday for about an hour at a time. Lots of stopping and starting with this quilt so I have to pay close attention where I am at or I can miss spots. Slowly but surely it is getting closer to being finished. This is the center of a queen size quilt. 

I have 9-patch blocks for the drops on all sides for this top I will add. I try and make a manageable piece and add the borders after they are quilted.

It is suppose to rain off and on today. So I am sure my husband will work more on the kitchen floor. He did to much yesterday and hopefully he stays in bed longer today. He was up at 3 am yesterday. He did get a lot done on it. I just love the look of the floor. 

With this rain we will be seeing grass get greener fast. It will be mowing season before we know it. Then the fun begins. This year is the year for flower beds to be redone again. Like every three years they need a total make over. 

When I go to the big box store the next time I need weed and feed for the grass. We have so much crab grass and if we can get it before it comes up we are better off. The list keeps growing. 

The three extra bedrooms need painting and the entire house needs new curtains. Besides closets need cleaning and pitching needs to happen. Ok I am going to go sew for about an hour then start in on the kitchen clean up for the day. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

beautiful quilt. no wonder grandson wants it! will be a beautiful finish.