Friday, March 11, 2016

Small blocks

These measure 6.25 inches square when 16 mini blocks and squares are sewn together. Lots of little pieces.

This will make a small quilt for a baby or a couch quilt. I have plenty more to assemble to get this one farther down the road. Lots of small stuff sewn up and used instead of just string quilts. They both use up a lot of time to make.

Time is on my hands every day and I guess I can do what I want to when I want to. No deadlines in my house. 

Suppose to rain the next couple days so I will do some house chores and off and on sew over the weekend. 

Yes I am crazy, but I have fun doing it. Chris Oh Yea,,,, There are 40 pieces per 6.25 inch blocks. 

1 comment:

sewyouquilt2 said...

great use of those strips. this will be such a cute quilt for sure.