Friday, March 11, 2016

Totally insane but I did it.

Well I think I have lost my mind. I had two tubs of 1.25 inch strips what was I going to do with these. Some is fabric I have had for quite a while and I thought do I want another string quilt? So this will be another utility quilt. 

I cut 2.5 inch strips or logs 1.25 inches wide. Then I sewed them together and cut into 2-patches. I made all of these mini 4-patches this morning in a power sewing session. They are 2 inches square.

The tan print I cut into 2 inch squares and I will alternate with the mini 4-patches. I think I have enough made for a small baby quilt if nothing else. 
They are minis for sure. Stay tuned until tomorrow I will try and get some of this sewn into rows.

Today I went and bought crabgrass preventive to spread on my lawn. I want Spring to get here quickly. Maybe this afternoon I can get that job done.

We got the kitchen floor done and the laundry room needs to be done, but tomorrow it is suppose to rain so that is a better job while we need to stay inside.

Don't forget the time change this weekend. Chris