Monday, March 14, 2016

Kitchen Flooring is Done

Today was the day. Gray outside and not a good day to do clean up in the yard. So the Laundry room off of the kitchen got done. Had to move dryer and washer out to get to it and a lot of trimming went on. I really like the new flooring. 

We live in a double wide manufactured home and the two sides meet at the laundry thresh hold so we need a transition piece to cover the crack in the flooring between the two sides. He dug around in his wood stash. Yes he has a stash to and found an oak thresh hold and cut it to fit between the sides. I think it went pretty good with the flooring. It was stained and varnished already. Not sure where he picked it up at, but it is on the floor now. 

No sewing happened so far today. I decided today was the day to dig and I mean dig for the paperwork to do my Mother's Estate Taxes. WE have had this house in such and upheaval for so long I had put things all together and in Jeff helping with emptying the rooms and doing carpet and then putting things in the closet it all got shoved here and there. 

I am missing one folder which I'm sure it is here I found copies of everything I needed to get the tax info to the accountant. He maybe will need more, but I think I have as I told the receptionist overkill on the amount of stuff I thought he needed.

A house was sold and stocks and bonds were sold and it is just way more than I ever handled before doing taxes. 

So that burden is off of me. Now we have to do ours, but I have everything out for that. So I need to get an appointment someplace and get it done. 

Not sure if I am up to sewing tonight. We have weather coming in overnight and my back really aches. Chris

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