Sunday, March 6, 2016

Quarter inch seams, strips and squares

The new machine doesn't have a 1/4 inch foot, but a couple years ago I ordered one that was a snap on. So I got that installed and the 1/4 inch seams are being stitched.I had a gallon tub full of 2 inch squares all cut and ready to be paired up and stitched. I dumped it out on the desk and started to stitch this morning. I probably got 35- 4-patches sewn up in about two hours.  

I dug out my 1.5 inch strips that I  had cut and started stitching Court House Steps around the 4-patches. This Court House Steps blocks are more color saturated than some. I used colors for both sides. Some use neutrals on the opposite side of the colors they use. I also coordinated the strip in families of the two colors I pick out of the 4-patches. 

This needs squaring up, but for the most part is all ready to be stitched into rows. The colors are striking with the colored centers. 

This to needs to be squared up. This is just squares and strips to make this block. 

2 inch blocks sewn into 4-patches and make sure they are square. 1.5 inch strips are used in the steps. They are squared up between layers of stitching. 

This will be a colorful quilt when I get the blocks done. I can cut more strips to meet the colors of the 4-patches and be color coordinating the blocks for variety. 

This is a very scrappy look and yet it is made from already cut pieces I have already cut. Just grab and stitch. This is my kinda of stitching because I don't have to stop and cut pieces to make everything match. I have variety already cut. 

I am going to challenge myself to get some more stitching done this evening and also tomorrow. Maybe I will have some more of this stitched up when you visit tomorrow. Chris

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