Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slow moving today

Today started out with good intentions, but the day ended moving real slow. I wanted to get tax paper sorted and now my kitchen and dining room tables are full of stuff. We took down shelves and moved furniture and it got put on the tables. This is a block I have made before, but decided this time to make a more controlled one with the star being all of the same fabric. Before I made each point out of a different neutral. I made one and we will see how far this takes me. 

Jeff is putting up wallpaper and the mess is everywhere. We have a galley kitchen with an eating area. So when things need moving it gets moved in the way of the rest of the living space. My house has been torn up since the end of November. I am way over it being put back together and it hasn't happened yet. After the wall paper is done then we are going to put in new flooring in the kitchen. So it will be tore up again. Then the sewing room gets new flooring. I have three bedrooms and a big living room/dining room that needs painting also. Some of it may wait until fall at this rate. 

This looks really bright because of the flash. It is a two toned wallpaper. It is a yellow candlelight color on the base and a creamy off white in the raised areas. It is to simulate a stucco finish or what dry wallers call a knock down finish. It has texture to it. It can be painted if I don't like the light color of it. We have a lot of windows and door ways and also corners and cabinets to cut around with the wallpaper. So it takes forever to get a good job in applying the paper to the walls. My sanity is leaving me quickly. Chris

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