Monday, April 4, 2016

Not a very good blogger of late

I have been in a funk. I haven't gotten much done on anything.

I have to get the sewing room cleaned out this week. So today I need to get the whip out and make myself work. I started with good intentions and got side tracked with having the family come for a Birthday dinner.

We started outside work also. I have run to the hardware store several times to get supplies and still more trips to make.

Today I need to make some phone calls. I need to order medicine for my husband and get that process started.

Then the dreaded job of moving things out of the sewing room. I think I am going to set a sewing machine up to work off and on. I have a huge tub of mini scraps to make into crazy/crumb blocks. I think that would be a good project to get that tub cleaned out.

It may take a week to finish the room. We have window trim and flooring to get done in there. Then the organization to get it all back into the space when it is finished.

While I was out yesterday I saw pansies for sale, but it is just to early. I know they like cold weather, but I am not ready to cover plants every night. The weather is to up and down yet.

My husband has mowed twice now and we mowed a neighbor who is still wintering in Texas. They will be home in a couple weeks.

I need to get to the freezer and dig out something for supper tonight. So things are doing here, but no sewing. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I can imagine the chore it will be to clear out the sewing room, but think ahead to how nice it will be once it's completed and then you can organize and rearrange as you put it back together. I've often said I should go through my sewing room and pack it up as if I was moving to another state - what would I keep to move, what would I take to Goodwill? Then I think, "but I'm not moving so I don't have to make those decisions"... but I know it would be a way for me to really clear things out....