Monday, April 11, 2016

Back Splashes

This is what my counter tops looked like. The back splash is very easily damaged by water. I had a coffee maker leak and caused a wavy back splash.

This is the correction we made for now. The main part of the counter tops are  still in good shape. 

It is the same kind of wood we used on the window and door trim and the same finish. It has a little ledge on the top profile. Small details, but no one else will have anything like it. He is putting the pieces behind the kitchen sink now.

I will have to clean off the other counters so he can work on them. Then my Kitchen will be complete.

Still working on the sewing room and realized I needed to clean out more than I thought because the shelves are sitting on the top of the carpet. So more lugging will have to happen. He told me today it maybe will be over a week in the works to get it done. So longer than what I thought, but will give me a couple days off to recover my aching body from all of this work.

Have a good one. I need to move more of the stuff around. Chris

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