Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The encouragement is very heartfelt. I really get discouraged at times. As Teresa says isolation I think is the big thing.

I will never have a career with quilting, but I sure do like the process.

I will work at getting a better schedule and also a better view of what I am going to do long term. For now it will stay.

Not everyone has the same feelings, but there are a few of you that really make a difference in my quilting quest.

We will try and all do better and hopefully some one will learn something or enjoy our journey. Chris


Karen said...

I hope you don't stop blogging. I've only recently found your blog and would be disappointed to lose the inspiration you're giving me to get my scraps, even the smallest, turned into finished quilts. While I don't comment unless I feel I have something to add the the conversation please know that I'm reading what you've written. As others said yesterday, you're still working through your mother's death and remodeling projects. I know from experiencing both that in time you'll get your motivation and positive outlook back.

Julierose said...

And I agree with Karen (having lost my mother last June I totally understand how difficult it can be for you). Keep on quilting and blogging--you need to be in contact and not isolated--I find myself going into my "shell" sometimes and it is difficult to make myself go out. what has helped me a lot is when I awaken in the morning I say to myself "I decide that today I will be calm and happy". Amazing how this helps...hugs and thoughts, Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

You have had a lot on your plate. you are a caregiver which is stressful in itself and you just lost your Mom and are going through renovations. All VERY stressful events in our lives. Sometimes I too say nobody comments on my blog. I dont think anyone is reading it. why do I put the effort into it. Some people , myself included, dont comment on every blog I visit. but I still visit for inspiration and to see what others are doing in quilting. I think that is what makes quilting wonderful. Most quilters share with each other and are genuinely good people. blog only a couple days a week if that fits you better. just know I would miss you and your inspiration for sure.