Monday, April 25, 2016

Unspoken words over written words

This is some crazy/crumb blocks I made in the past. They seem to blend into a interesting block. It looks like they were meant to be this way.

As a family you all fit into you family dynamics. Brothers and sisters and parents all are different, but they come from the same nucleus. Family as we grow up seems like it should be there forever.

As many of you know the family can fall apart when family members pass away or move on to leave members for their own lives. I am sure you all have experienced this or know others that have.

I have learned the hard way not everything is the way I believed it is from our impressions as children. Blaming any one thing for the family to fall apart isn't good. It has many things that make for difficult times. In my family we are all aging and we don't live close so things are strained.

We have talked in the past of the written word sometimes is cold and not sure what it means. We can read may things into the written word. Texting to have a conversation isn't always understood as the spoken word.

Hopefully my written word isn't disturbing to any of you. I know I have upset a few in the past and most of those are members of my family.

I hope we all are a family as quilters and if I have said or wrote something upsetting you would let me know. I am not perfect, I do make mistakes. Chris


Karen said...

Speaking for me alone, you've never offended me in any way. I enjoy your blog very much and hope that you continue with it a long time.

sewyouquilt2 said...

ditto for me