Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wind Wind Blow Away

Yes it has been windy for days. 35-50 mph gusts of wind all day long. I have horrible allergies and I am just miserable.

The wind still hasn't blown everything out of the sewing room. I moved a few things today, but nothing significant. Still have more to do. We are going to rearrange differently when it all goes back into the space.

Just looked out the window and it is still blowing. The pollen count was super high for the last couple days and it has worked it's evil on my sinuses.

I still haven't sewn anything. I have had severe withdrawals. I thought why don't you get some handwork out and then my husband needed me for an extra pair of hands holding something so nothing got done.

Then a neighbor I haven't talked to all winter called and she was lonely and wanted to talk. 1.5 hours later I told her I had to help my husband. Which was a little white lie, but I needed to get something done.

I plan on getting more done tomorrow and then I will be ready for him to remove carpet this next week. He measured today so I can plan on the move going smoothly.

Today I made another step to get the door shut on my Mother's affairs. Within the next month it will be done. I made up my mind today to get the next step over with and it was a glancing blow, but it has to be done.

I just want to be done with this move of the sewing room and get onto being productive. Have a Good One. Chris

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