Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oh my.... Oh my.....

I couldn't bare to take a picture of what I am doing. Yes it is a real ugly digging out of the closet.
I found a huge tub with not yardage, but scraps in it. Yes it all needs to be sorted and sized up to put in my tubs of scraps.

What was I thinking? It is the largest tub I have. Sadly it shouldn't have every gotten to this stage. I think I know when the stuffing of the tub happened.

Taylor my Granddaughter helped me a few years ago and I wasn't feeling well, but she insisted in organizing. She was a big help at the time, but I didn't realize the things that were being put in this tub. There is two quilt tops in the tub also.

Getting to the bottom of the closet will be a big effort done. I have pulled out things that need sorting or pitched. I can see my efforts when this is all done will be to cut up as much of this overflow in scraps as I can.

It won't get used up sitting in a tub. Still raining.

A funny happened today. My three year old Granddaughter called me and chewed me out. I was at her house and she was napping. I got told I should have picked her up. I thought the nap was more important. She was really upset with me.

I am really blessed that my Grandchildren love coming to Grandma's and they never cry even as babies. Even the teenagers still come. They tell everyone they are spoiled, but they are just loved not spoiled.

Hope you have a great evening. Chris

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