Sunday, April 10, 2016

Big goal today

The back of the closet. I finally found it. I still have more to pick up and get rid of or move to the other room to be consolidated with other things that will go back into the space. The shelf is going out. I have another one going in that will work better for the space. 

This is a shelving unit by the window that has to be emptied. It is sitting on the carpet so it will have to be moved to do the floor. That won't take to long to do. 

There is a dresser to the left of the plastic bins it will stay in the room, but on a different wall when the room is done. The sewing desk is a mess and it needs cleaning off. It will go where the dresser is. It was put on this wall when we moved it here with minimal amount of moving things in the room. It doesn't work well there so we have measured and have the floor plan figured out. 

Today I am focused to doing the best I can with getting this done. There might be a few things at the last minute we need to move or change, but the plan is all made as to how this is going to go. 

We bought the quarter round yesterday to work in this room and around the floor in the kitchen. So that is ready to place down when the floor is all done. 

I am getting anxious to get back into the room and keep my momentum going on sewing. It has been a long dry spell and it is really bothering me. 

Today also I need to get some 1.5 inch strips cut for more on my hexie hand sewing. So before I bury all my things with the room clean out I will cut some strips and put into my to go back for a quick grab and stitch. I thought maybe I would get that done first. 

The first of the week we have some outside work to do and I want the inside work ready for him to get the urge to start working on this room. 

Have a good one. Chris 

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