Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Allergy recover and still digging

Allergies are better, but it is raining today so it will calm the pollen count down. We finally got the mess moved in the sewing room so he can start. I took two car loads of carpet and things I was throwing away. We vacuumed the subflooring and he is going to get started.  

This is the extra bedroom with all the stuff we moved out of the sewing room. I never got a sewing machine out to sew on. I have been so worn out trying to move everything and being under the weather hasn't helped any. We are eliminating a couple counter tops that ended up just being piled up with crap.

The fun has begun. He is going to get the first few pieces cut in. The telephone connection for that room is through the floor so he has to notch around it. That is where my computer connection is also for my WiFi.

It is a gray rainy day. Glad we got the worst of the hauling and clean up done. I can't hardly wait to get the big pieces back where I want them in the room and organize around them.

He still has to do three windows of trim work, but he is doing that as he completes the rooms he is working in. Maybe by Mother's day he will be closer to getting it all done.

He was all afraid he lost the WiFi because a wire slipped down through the floor. This says I still have it as I type. We will see. When I go and post this. Chris Well he has to crawl under the house and fix it. Never fails to come up with obsticles.

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