Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Several things going on

This is Katie. She is a stinker and she makes no bones about telling you about it. Attitude for sure.

This is a picture of me at 2 years old. We never really knew who she looked like. The nose and the checks almost a dead ringer. Poor kid. My Stepson thought she looked like my Mother, but I guess they never saw this picture. 

The floor is complete. The closet and all the quarter round got put down today. I can't wait to get the room back in order. I will do some tonight, but I will try and sort and make sense of the stuff that goes back. 

The office chair works well on it and the ability to clean it is some much nicer than that old ugly carpet. I will have almost as much counter space, but I will not be able to pile like before. Which is a good thing.  

I will be able to have the ironing board back up and also another table for cutting. I kept all the shelves that were mounted on the upper part of the walls. So I really didn't loose any storage space. I do have more floor space with the plan I have to move it back into the room. 

It is gray day out. It has rained a little off and on. I did lay down for a bit, but I didn't really sleep. Jeff was using the air nailer and the compressor was going off and on. I relaxed. so I need to go to town and get some breakfast cereal and also something for supper. We are wore out with all we have done in the last couple days plus having the two little ones today also. Chris


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your floor looks great!! So much better than carpet.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Wow! Your grand does look like you! How fun is that!?

Your room is going to be so wonderful!