Friday, April 22, 2016

Sorting and moving things back

I started and got some main things moved back. Still have lots more to do. I got the fabric tubs out of my room and got them back in the sewing room next to the table. This table I will cut at and makes sense to have fabric close by.

I even got to sew for 20 minutes. Nothing big just some 9-patches that I had laying on the desk. Have more to sort through to clear it off better. 

I did get the TV hooked up and also the machine with the power strips and also the cable for the TV. This makes me very happy. When we had our antenna worked on the guy said he didn't think he hooked up the cable for this room. So we tried it and sure enough it worked. So I have my network channels I can watch plus I have a Roku for Hulu and Netflix so I am good to go. The bathroom is close. I just need a coffeemaker and a small fridge. No I am not going that far. My house isn't that big and the house is on one floor.

I am so happy with the floor. I now have to slow down some because the window still has to have trim put on it. That will happen in the next few days. Then the rest of the tubs can come back in the room after they are sorted.

This has been a long 7 months to get our house to this point. Not totally completed, but it is getting closer all the time. Still have the three windows to complete and then we have painting to be done. If that doesn't get done until Fall I will be ok with that.

Tonight is an easy supper. Hamburgers on the grill and a salad. I will have more pictures tomorrow. Chris

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