Saturday, April 23, 2016

Some more sewing

I had done as much moving as my back would withstand last night so I sat and did some sewing. It had been three weeks since I sat at the sewing machine.

This was a tub with 2 inch squares that were cut up. So why not sew them up. I started running them through the machine and got lost in the TV show I was watching. 

Before you know it I had several 16-patches done. In my mind I have a plan for them, but I need to draw it out on paper and see if a secondary block shows up with what I am thinking. So today I will try and get some more of the different things done in the room. I have some very big contractor garbage bags I am going to place the left over batting pieces in until I can get them sewn into larger pieces. That will take a lot of the loose stuff off the extra bed.

Then there is extra pieces of backing fabric that need to be placed into a tote or placed back on a shelf. All of it takes time. Then there is the totes that go into the closet. They need to be consolidated. Some are only half full. Can't take up that much space with out being used properly. HAHA!

Well need to stay motivated today. suppose to be nice out. Chris

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