Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Work and More Work

Got to the closet. This all needs to be emptied. I worked all day off and on yesterday to get this work to this point. I still need to purge a lot of stuff out of here. There is an old printer and a box of decorator tins that are old in there that have been packed for 13 years. I think they need to be sent to a thrift store. 

This is the extra bedroom where the mess is going until the floor is done. It will be worse when I get it done. There is a shelving unit in the sewing room that goes to the ceiling. It sits on the carpet so it will have to be emptied and come out.  

Jeff has been busy also. He is getting the trim work back up around the windows and doors. We made our own and he stained and varnished it to match the other windows. I just love it because the trim that was in the house wasn't real wood. Manufactured stuff. 

Here is the window trim. It looks really neat with the other wood in our house.

Today is errand day for me. I have some things to go to my son's house and a bank run. I let my supply of check dwindle before I realized I only had one left. I don't use many checks, but when you only have one it is critical to order some more.

Need to do some house chores and then off to do my running. I need bread, milk and a couple extra things from grocery.

We got a storm that came through at midnight last night and the light show was something else. At about 1:15 am there was a clap of thunder that rattled our cages. It made me jolt out of bed. Sounded like it was right over our house. We got 3/4 inch of rain over night. More to come today.

Well back to the work farm and get more done. Chris

Update: I found my little notebook. Laying out in plain sight. Go figure. CRW

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