Friday, April 22, 2016

Going to work in here today

Yesterday before everything got a permanent home in the sewing room we talked about the chair rail we were going to put up. It was decided that it needed to go up before things got moved back in. 
When the room is painted at a later date the chair rail will get painted the room color. It is the left over trim from around the doors that he replaced in the kitchen. It is in good shape other than it was a cheap trim with the wood design painted on cheaper wood trim. Painted it will be perfect and keep furniture from actually hitting the walls. 

This is a forever placement for this chest. It was my MIL's and it has WIP and UFO's in it. This way we have a clearer path into the sewing room. Today the sewing desk will get centered on the wall and things plugged into the wall sockets and also the power strips I use. 

The next step is a table will be placed across the room from the desk and it will be a cutting and pressing station. As you can see the shelves on the walls need an overhaul also. They have become really messy and it all needs a good cleaning while in the process. 

I have the little vacuum in the room and it will get dusted and sorted to be more efficient working space. It is going to take some time and I plan on trying to get back to some piecing off and on besides. 

The sewing desk is piled high and it needs to be cleaned off and find space for the mess that is there. If you look on the right side of the chest there is a calander there and I noticed it is from 2014. Does that say anything???

No I wasn't always good about keeping up. I hope with this improvement it will be a positive move to being more productive. Time will tell. Chris

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