Thursday, September 18, 2014

2 hours of cutting

That is how I started my day. Got laundry started and also got my shower. Then I went and did some shopping. No fabric! I found a new antique shop. Big mistake for me to find something like that.

I want to take Jeff back with me because I found a child's rocking chair, but I want him to look at it because it is old an the wood looks dried out. The seat is pieced and once they slit it is hard to get them strong enough when fixed.

The cutting I did was scraps that are to small to place back on the shelf. All strips today. Filled 6 different tubs with different sized strips. That way I have them under control and I can get them out to dice them up as necessary when I have a project for them.

It is about time to hit rummage sales for some more shirts. I have gotten a lot of them incorporated into my stash now. I don't want to overwhelm myself with to many at once. I have been using plaids and strips so there is variety, but the colors I need to keep in check also. Lots of gray and blue shirts out there.  I have some purple and yellow and orange shirts which are harder to find.

Well have a good day. Chris

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