Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well here I am on the computer

I should be in the sewing room and here I am browsing. I found some ideas for some blocks and yet I'm still on the computer.

I guess the stress of the day has caught up with me more than I thought it would. Hopefully I sleep tonight. It is starting to cool down, but over the next couple days is suppose to get almost 80 degrees.

Plan a day of scrapping tomorrow. I need to cut some piles up and get more organized. Not sure if I can accomplish all I would like to.

I have an easy supper for tomorrow. I bought a pot roast so it will go in the oven and have a good meal for a change. We can eat off of it for a couple days so that was a good choice.

I try to find meat at a price that I can use it for several meals. Sometimes the meat is more expensive, but if you figure out how many servings it maybe is even cheaper per serving than hamburger.

Plan on getting to be early so maybe I can get some sewing done in the morning. Chris


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