Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day to my USA friends

Happy September 1st to all my friends. Where has this year gone?Ok I'm looking at my style of quilts. I am a scraper and I see on the blogs all these planned quilts. White backgrounds and maybe three colors to make these beautiful quilts. I appreciate the style and love to look at them, but just not my thing.   

I sold fabric for 18 years. I managed a fabric store for three years. In all that time I loved the multitude of colors as they lay on the tables or stood on their bolts being ready to be cut. If I was able to work again I think that is what I would like to do. Colors are so inspirational to me. They make my day go round. Yet if you look at the colors in my wardrobe you would question that. 

I guess the theme of this post is do you plan an organized quilt with 3-5 colors or are you crazy like me and all in the pool a the same time? 

My Mom and paternal Grandmother did scrap quilting.  My Grandmother would do planned quilts as I call them, but she loved the double wedding ring or the Grandmother flower garden all with scraps. She would use certain colors for certain quilts, but had the scrappy flair to them. 

The influence we had as kids must play a role in the quilters we are today. Hey if you can do the best of both worlds and have planned and scrappy I envy you. 

Summer is coming to a halt here soon and the days of being outside are slipping away. Enjoy this weekend if you can Chris  


Frog Quilter said...

I am a scrap quilter as well. Scraps just make me smile and they ALL go together. Love it!

Rebecca said...

I am not sure what to call what I do... I often "Plan" a quilt with say Yellow, Green and Blue but will use 5 to 10REds...5 to 10 blues and 5 to 10 Greens from the scrap bags.

Jean said...

I am a scrapper, and your quilts are an inspiration to me. Keep on keeping on. Enjoy each day as it comes.3215

Katie M. said...

I love scrappy quilts and 'sampler' quilts,and yet I rarely do either one. Because I incorporate my machine embroidery into my quilts, they tend to be more 'planned'.