Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pay attention

Got up way to early 3 am and tried to sew. Well after a couple false starts then a big mistake. Can you see the one on the left is wrong. The star is suppose to be all light fabrics. I had to regroup and pay attention.

The star is suppose to have dark pieces for the patches that have the star points on them not light pieces. So this one and another one will go in the scrap bin to be cut up for crumb blocks.

After a second start I got 2 blocks done in about an hour and 45 minutes. Not a good turn around, but now maybe I can get back in the groove. 

Today I have to go along for 2 different appointments. My Mother has an eye appointment this morning and my Granddaughter has a Dr's appointment this afternoon. She has this hatred for Dr's all of a sudden and Mom is having trouble handling her with her being so pregnant. So grandma will go along to try an get the appointment over and done with. 

I think I will need 20 more of these blocks, but time will tell. So now that I have a couple done maybe it will go better. Chris   

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