Monday, September 22, 2014

Crazy Grandparents

Well this Grandma and Grandpa are really nuts. My neighbors have a granddaughter who has outgrown this youth bed. So she called me and said did I want this Dora bed. So of course. With another baby still to come I need a place for both of them when they come to sleep over.

Autumn slept with me the last few nights and she is all over the bed. For now until we rearrange rooms it is in my bedroom at the end of my bed.

She will be coming today so we will see if she likes it.  I need to get a baby quilt or a bigger bed quilt finished for this bed. That is my goal in the next few days. I have blocks I can whip one up real fast.

Hopefully we hear more about this new baby today. The Dr. that checked her cancelled her appointment because he thought she would deliver the other day. So she has to call and get an appointment today. She is 39 weeks today so time will tell. She is miserable. Chris

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